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Pop Rocket Cafe - Katherine

Another tasty gem during the dry season (April to October) is the Pop Rocket Cafe at the entrance of Katherine Hot Springs. Pop Rocket has a range of food and drinks that bring the taste of Melbourne to Katherine.

My favourite by far is the Smoked Salmon Stack with a Soy Chai Latte. The Avocado Stack is also a hot fave in our family. Sesame loves the Cheese, Tomato and Ham Toastie (with an amazing relish) and a milkshake. Lufflump is a fussy little one but he's happy to come and "search for dinosaur bones".
There's heaps of space for the kids or furbabies to run around and play in the clean park, run off some energy. I wish they'd share the energy with me some days, how do kids and dogs have so much?! Kinda rude that they don't share...

There's plenty of seating but it does fill up early (like 7am early). We brought along a large picnic blanket and lucky we did as there were no tables left. They do have picnic blankets to borrow though, we totally missed the memo but our blanket was HUGE so we were able to all lay down on it. Plus I didn't have to worry when I put my dirty shoes on it and left huge marks.

Usually these photos would be accompanied with a bright sunny sky, however on the day we went (Saturday) it was overcast. A rare sight in dry season! I'm not ashamed to say that I usually sunbake on a towel after a dip in the Hot Springs while waiting for our order. The park is just so nice and safe.

I highly recommend the Pop Rocket Cafe and wish it were open all year.
This post is not sponsored in any way. Just an appreciation post of a Katherine business.

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