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Katherine Races

Saturday August 18th 2018 was the day to get frocked up and head to the Katherine Races. The weather was amazing and the atmosphere just as good. The horses were strong (and didn't get hurt) and the jockey's fit.

I've been to the Doomben Races in Brisbane years ago and there are some stark differences between Brisbane and Katherine. Possibly the same differences when comparing city races to country races.
In Katherine you will find people that are dressed to the nines and people who are wearing their everyday clothes. Do not be surprised if you see cargo shorts, singlets, thongs and denim alongside suits, dresses, fascinators and heels.

If you head to Katherine Races and want to buy drinks you'll have to buy drink tickets first (in the pavilion next to the bar) then buy your choice of beverage at the bar. There's beer, UDL and champagne. What I learned this year is that they refund the drink tickets if you have any left over. The last two years I've given mine away so this year I felt like I'd won. As far as I know soft drinks, water and food are bought at the food trucks located behind the pavilion. This year they had wood fired pizza, carnival food, fish and chips and chicken and chips.

There's limited seating so bring blankets or stalk chairs from the main marquee and take them to where you want to sit. Every year I forget this and my feet regret it. There also is limited shade, supplied by beautiful trees, if you choose not to sit in the main or paid marquees.

The atmosphere is friendly and fun. I met so many new people this year, friends of friends and strangers while waiting at the bar. It's probably my favourite thing about Katherine, we are a friendly town. Rough but friendly.

Last year I entered Fashions on the Field with bright pink hair and a unicorn headband (that was pink and looked a bit like a sharp penis) so I decided this year I'd enter again looking more normal.
The Fashions are held in between the races and is kind of a big deal in the sense that everyone flocks to watch. Anyone can enter and it's a bit of fun for the day. Those entering and watching are so supportive as well. If you can enter, do.

Now onto what I wore. My headpiece was the only thing that was new and the most expensive that I wore.
Jumpsuit - Bariano no longer in stock but similar here.
Clutch - Colette Hayman no longer in stock but similar here.
Headpiece - Just Looking Boutique similar in black here.
Shoes - Black Guess heels.
Earrings - Colette Hayman no longer in stock but similar here.
Bracelets - A mix of black and gold bangles bought at Tree of Life and Colette Hayman.
The Katherine Races are enjoyable, friendly and fun. Even if you don't like horse racing (I saw my first race in my three years going this year) it's a must do.
This post was not sponsored in any way. I bought my own ticket and drinks.

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