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Kakadu - Gunlom Falls

Gunlom Falls is about a three hour drive (199kms) from Katherine. It's definitely worth the trip if you are up this way.

Once you are off the Kakadu Highway you'll be on dirt roads. We were in a four wheeled drive, however we did pass lots of caravans and small hatchbacks along the dirt roads and it didn't appear they were having any problems. In saying that though I was quite happy we had a big car.

Mary River Roadhouse is along the way and is a great little place to stop for any forgotten supplies.  Sesame got dried crocodile to try and declared it delicious. It is a bit expensive but that's expected being in the middle of nowhere. There's also accommodation there if camping isn't your thing. We didn't stay overnight so I can't vouch for the accommodation.

There's camping spots all around so plenty of places to set up and stay as long as you want.
The hike up to the lookout was killer. No exaggeration I thought we were all going to fall off the edge and die. Especially walking back down. It's all natural so some of the rocks were a bit shaky and I managed to slip a couple of times but it's all well kept and quite beautiful.

We are so lucky there are natural beauties like this around. The only artificial section was a rail at the top, I'm assuming so unfit people like me can lean on it so they don't fall to their death.

If we did a walk like that every week we'd be the fittest people on the planet. The kids managed it though so maybe I'm just extremely unfit and need to move more.

Once we got to the top (and back down a bit again) it was all worth it. The view was amazing. We climbed over a rock and walked to the edge of the waterfall.

It's not quite on the edge so there were no concerns of anyone going over the edge. It was amazing though. I didn't take any good photos because I needed two hands due to being a klutz. Next time we go I'll make sure we take the Go-Pro as it's well worth it.

We all spotted our car way down the bottom but if you take a set of binoculars I'm sure you'd be able to see lots of Territory wildlife.

The kids were disappointed they couldn't see a crocodile, however we were not especially as we were going to the plunge pool next.

One warning - the wet rocks are very slippery. I managed to take the mister and myself out while trying to take a photo under a mini waterfall. It was hilarious but cold.
After we all swam a bit and admired the view we made the trek back down (the scary part of the hike) and went to the plunge pool. That was an easy walk especially compared to the hike. I'm not even calling it a walk anymore, it was a hike.

The plunge pool was beautiful. There were families everywhere fishing, swimming, playing games while laughter filled the air. Lufflump enjoyed making canals for his leaf boats while Sesame climbed logs while looking for crocodiles (she didn't find any). 

The ground around the pool was covered in tiny little rocks so thongs were necessary for those without Territory feet (it's a real thing - everything is tougher up here).
I highly recommend going to Gunlom and doing both the hike and walk during the dry season (roughly April to October). It's well worth it to see the amazing natural beauty Kakadu has to offer.



  1. Perfect place to visit in the summer!



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