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Friday Favourites

Welcome back to Friday Favourites, the post where I share what I've been lusting over this week. A short post this week due to study pressures. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


I have no idea where I would put this storage unit, it doesn't match our house AT ALL but I want it. I need it. I love the colour and texture. 


This office is my favourite pin this week. Everything is amazing. The colours, little easel and those two phones - beautiful! I wish I could style like that, perfection. 


These shoes by Pin Up Couture from Beserk are everything! The colours and the style are life.


The soon-to-be-mister has been cooking up a storm again this week! My favourites were Japanese Pork Curry and Stuffed Capsicum (couscous, onion, carrot, cashew cheese).  Amazing food! I should start sharing his recipes, they are so good.


I need this quote this week with starting studying again, trying to fit everything in, my illness rearing it's ugly head and causing me more time off work, and life in general.

Home Life and the Weekend

It's been absolutely hectic this week. My latest unit started on Monday which I posted about here. The kids and I have done some Father's Day crafting ready for this weekend to surprise the soon-to-be-mister. I'm hoping to post about both of these in the coming week; my study plan and Father's Day crafts with kids.

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