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Friday Favourites


I am currently helping to renovate the Principal's office and one requirement is a Sit Stand Desk. I am in love with this desk from We Are Minimal. They are an Aussie business, one requirement we have when purchasing furniture. 


I am so living by this pin this week. No apologies. I try and get all my makeup off before bed but the mascara and eyeliner just will not budge. I know I should buy better makeup remover BUT it's time saving to not remove it all. It's kind of a challenge to see how long I can make it all last. 


Mustard and yellow are colours that I know can be difficult for some people to wear, however my olive skin works well with them. I look fresh and healthier in yellow, something I definitely need with my sleeping schedule. This top from Review is currently sitting in my basket just waiting for the right moment. 


We are on a vegan diet this week and this looks amazing, I need it in my belly. I'm sending this to the soon-to-be-mister right away. Yum!


I love planners, owning them and reading about them. Petite Mélanie has beautiful and helpful bullet journals. Definitely check it out if you love planners. 


Getting back into blogging is hard at times especially regarding comparing successes. I need to follow this quote

Home Life 

I have shared what a day in my life looks like. Not as hectic as other working mothers, I definitely have support. My hat goes off to every mother out there, working in or out of the home. 


The crime podcast to end all crime podcasts is My Favorite Murder. Karen and Georgia tackle hard subjects with humour. They ride that fine line where it isn't offensive. Definitely worth a listen. 

This Weekend

I'm not actually sure what we are doing this weekend. This week has been a whirlwind, Friday has come around so quickly. Not that that's a bad thing though. I hope you have a great weekend!

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