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Friday Favourites


We are currently looking to upgrade our bed to a King size and this West Elm bed is EXACTLY what I want. The soon-to-be-mister will want it too when he sees it. It'll match our mid-century decor. Retro all the way!


I procrastinate. A lot. Like I'm really good at it. I'm aware that it's probably not the best thing to be really good at which is why I'm frantically pinning about being more productive, organised and a bad procrastinator. I'm definitely not procrastinating about not procrastinating. That's not even a thing, right?


The Katherine Races are on this weekend so I tried on this Cooper St dress in pink in a size 6 and it fit! It was super tight but it did up. Small wins! I can't find it online but I do love it in red and I'm tempted to buy it in a size 8 though. Gotta be realistic, it was difficult to sit down in the 6 and that was on an empty stomach. It's such a beautiful cut.


I'm craving carbs at the moment and these potato fritters look amazing. I don't cook either and I'm pretty sure I could pull these off. Yum!


Suger Coat It is the bomb. Melissa helped me a lot with my last blog, is the nicest person and her blog is full of helpful tips that everyone can use (not just bloggers, although there are awesome blogging tips throughout it). Please check it out, you won't regret it.

Northern Territory Business

I wrote about the Pop Rocket Cafe this week to highlight a wonderful Katherine business. They do sushi now so a sushi work lunch is on the cards!


I'm preparing to dive headfirst into study again and this quote needs to be posted everywhere I look. It's so true. I need to shut down the negativity that is stopping me from reaching my goals. 

Home Life 

This week has been hectic with work and getting sick. It's been a lot cooler so I'm able to wear layers. It gets hot from about 9am so layers are a necessity. I've been trying to share more on my instagram, it'd be great if you could go follow me there, thanks!


I am obsessed with the Casefile podcast. It's an Aussie podcast that delves deep into a range of crimes, not always murder and not always in Australia. The research team does an amazing job as does the narrator. 

This Weekend

This weekend the Katherine Races are on and I can't wait. Any excuse to have a fun day with friends and getting all glammed up. 


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