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A Day In The Life Of A Working Mum

I was a stay at home mum for seven years. As a working mum I now regret that I spent my time wisely studying full time rather than bingeing TV shows and sleeping. I should have really taken advantage of daycare and been lazy af. I didn't though and I'm glad I completed most of my degree during that time.

I wasn't looking for a job when we moved to Katherine but went to a job interview on a whim. I got it and now couldn't imagine not working and making money. I honestly don't know how we survived on one wage, expensive rent ($430 a week) and two kids in daycare. We did it though and still managed to have holidays interstate.

The soon-to-be-mister goes away every now and then for work. Last year we worked out that he was gone over three months in total. This year he went away for three months in one block and hopefully that will be it for the rest of the year. Somehow we manage every time he's gone but I make sure to put a hold on studying while he is gone. I recognise how fortunate I am that I can do that, there are many amazing mothers out there who study, work and raise kids alone. How they do that I have no idea, my hat goes off to them.

While the soon-to-be-mister is away I'm a lot more strict on our routine, we have a lot of structure. Dinner, bath time and bed are all scheduled. If the schedule is off I notice I get super irritated and the kids suffer. No one wants a cranky mum. No one likes being a cranky mum.

I notice the household is a lot more relaxed, less stress and less structured while the soon-to-be-mister is home. To a degree I don't clean up as often, dinner, baths and bed are all done when it suits us rather than by the clock. I still like the kids to be in bed by 7:30pm, however that is not always realistic and I don't get too stressed if they head to bed at 8pm. I'm not sure which works better for us, the kids don't really seem to be much different at home either way. Not that I notice anyway. Maybe that's my coping mechanism or maybe it's reality.

Here is a day in my life, specifically Tuesday 21st August 2018.

I am a night owl but I tried to get to bed early last night. I actually tried to go to bed the same time as the soon-to-be-mister at 9pm. However I decided to watch Sunday's episode of The Block and there were way too many ads so I ended up getting to bed at 10:30pm. Earlier than usual still!
5:50am - Alarm goes off. Nope that and reset it for 6:50am. Go back to sleep and dream about stalking Paul McCartney.
6:50am - Alarm goes off. Check emails and pretend that I shouldn't already be up and missed exercising yet again this morning. I can hear the soon-to-be-mister getting the kids up and ready for school. Begrudgingly get out of bed and into the shower. I am not a morning person.
7:10am - Get dressed and finish getting ready.
7:15am - Push the kids out to catch the bus. Lufflump missed it so looks like I'm driving him in. It's only an extra five minutes so it's really no big deal. The soon-to-be-mister leaves. He took my car as it had no petrol in it, he doesn't have to drive as far as me and is happy to fill it up for me. He's a good egg.
7:20am - Chill for a bit and make sure my bag has everything I need.
7:30am - Feed the cat so he doesn't escape. He's an inside only cat because he'll run away otherwise. Leave with Lufflump in the big car. Driving the soon-to-be-mister's car means I can listen to Spotify on the way to work. Today's playlist is Classic Acoustic. Pump it and sing along. Loudly and badly.
7:35am - Roadworks. Argh, I did not plan for this and would have left earlier if I'd known. Oh they are just setting up, it's even more frustrating.
7:50am - Drop Lufflump off and head to work.
8:00am - Make it just in time. Write my To Do list and get working.
10:00am - Drive a colleague to get his car fixed. Stop off and get coffee from Maccas. It's super convenient and not as bad as it sounds.
11:00am - Emergency at work. We band together, it's times like these that I really enjoy and appreciate my colleagues. Leave and do a favour for a colleague.
12:00pm - Work, work, work.
1:15pm - Get lunch from the canteen. It's so tasty and healthy!
2:00pm - Head out to shop for the office and new building. I love upgrading and project managing, even the stressful moments are worth it at the end. Plus I got a free mini rug/placemat. I love it!
4:20pm - Collect kids, leave work and drop colleague off at his car. Head home. Roadworks again but this time they are working not just setting up. Lufflump asked to put a song on and I realised it's Hardcore so I decide to educate the kids. I put on a Happy Hardcore playlist on Spotify. We all dance like we are at a Rave until Lufflump falls asleep. This kid could sleep during an earthquake.
4:50pm - Home. Sesame goes off to a friend's house and Lufflump has a breakdown. The soon-to-be-mister and I finally get what it wrong out of him and help him through it. The soon-to-be-mister gets ready to leave for the shops and his night of sport.
5:30pm - Home alone and start to watch crime documentaries while pinning on Pinterest, checking Facebook and relaxing. Sesame comes home. She decides to use the TV so I head to the bedroom so she can watch in peace. Sesame has a bath and Lufflump has a shower.
7:30pm - Realise that time has flown by. Go to the kitchen and realise that I can't cook what the mister has planned. So I get the kids fed. At their bedtime. Great. Clean the kitchen up ready for dinner.
8:00pm - Cook dinner with the soon-to-be-mister with a white shirt on. Why do I do this to myself? Change so I don't make more of a mess of myself.
8:05pm - Beg the kids to finish eating so they can go to bed.
8:20pm - Kids clean their teeth and head to bed. Change Sesame's sheets and put on washing. Kiss the kids goodnight and talk about what is happening tomorrow.
8:30pm - Keep cooking together. Discuss what happened in our day together. I love moments just us two were we really communicate and connect.
9:00pm - Eat our delicious dinner (Kale Black Bean Burrito Bowl) while watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I chose it to relive View Askew movies. I love Kevin Smith and how clever he is plus the casting is pretty good too.
10:00pm - Put the washing in the dryer and tidy up a bit.
11:30pm - Realise the time and head to bed. I know that sleep won't come for at least half an hour. This is why I don't like mornings, I struggle to get to bed at a reasonable hour.
I'll share in another post what I do to (try) and make mornings easier. It's all about being organised and finding what works best for you and your family.


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